Saturday, 24 September 2011

Shipwrights Arms - Battery Point TAS

My first review! Tonight I will be reviewing the Parma at Shipwrights Arms in Hobart. This is the second time I've had the Parma here and the first time was great so I had very high expectations.

After a long and exciting day browsing the artwork at MONA it was time for dinner. Myself and the company I was with decided to head to "Shippies". When we arrived we were shown to our seats which were in a lovely, private corner with our very own heater! We ordered two cob loaves with garlic butter and our mains. The cob loaves took quite a while to come out but they were worth the wait. Very cute but most importantly very fresh and tasty. On to the main!

As a rule if I get chips with my Parma I always get a gravy boat to dip them in. I usually ask for no salad too but at Shippies the Parma doesn't come with salad so I saved a breath with that one. Very rarely do I get vegetables with it but if I'm feeling healthy I might. As soon as I saw my dinner I was pleased. There was my Parma on the SIDE of the plate! I hate Parma being delivered on top of my chips. It's too difficult to eat. Just buy bigger plates already!!!

Some Parma comes with a layer of ham, Shippies doesn't. In my opinion ham adds flavour but makes it slightly more difficult to eat. This Parma had a very nice layer of tomato sauce, not too much, not too little and it went to the very edge. It was topped with a great layer of cheese, again not too much and not too little and right to the edge. Parma can be quickly ruined with too much or too little of these toppings. Too much sauce and the chicken will become soggy. Too much cheese and it's almost sickening to even look at let alone eat. Not enough of either can leave you feeling like you should have just ordered the schnitzel and saved yourself $2-4

Next, the chicken. It was a very generous size and cooked even all the way through. It wasnt dry and certainly not under cooked. The crumb was perfect and golden. The base was crispy and not at all soggy which can instantly ruin your meal. This Parma may well be the best I have ever had. I can not fault it one bit.

The chips on the side were chunky and cooked well. There was a decent amount too. Sometimes I can be overwhelmed by too many chips but not today! I got my jug of gravy without having to ask for it a second time which is rare. Overall it was a great dinner and very well priced. If you're ever in Hobart and not sure where to go for tea, give them a go. They're also in the entertainment book so remember your vouchers!

Rating: 9/10 (only because the cob loaf took a while :P )