Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Mersh - Launceston TAS

Birthday parmy! Yep its my birthday today. I got to work and my boss Dave informed me that we would be going out for lunch. At first I thought we'd be going to the Mowbray hotel as usual but we headed on down to the Mersh for a beer with an old employee, Scotty.

Parmy was on special, $13 with chips and salad or vegetables. I placed my usual order (chips only with a jug of gravy). The first thing I noticed is that they charge $2 for gravy. It didn't bother me but it has never happened anywhere else so I thought it was worth noting. It all pretty much goes downhill from there...

Our meals came out very very quick. Which is mostly a good thing but it makes you wonder how they cook stuff so quickly. The parmy was HUGE! Like taking up 2/3 of the plate! There was a decent amount of chips and a tiny jug of gravy. Some of the chips were those crappy brown ones but I didn't mind too much. My first bite of the parmy was gross! It was full of watery crap and soggy. It was rather obvious that it had previously been frozen and then defrosted for our meal.

There was heaps and heaps of cheese. Some of which wasn't even completely melted. The salsa/sauce was pretty crap. I really don't have much else to say other than the fact that quantity definitely does not beat quality. And to make it worse, I now feel sick. Hopefully I haven't got food poisoning! That would not be a good ending to my birthday.

I'd like to say thanks to my boss, Dave. It was lovely to be taken out to lunch :) and thanks for buying me a beer! It was James Squires, not sure if it was a pint or schooner. It was the highlight of my meal.

Parma rating: 3/10
Boss' rating: 10/10
James Squires rating: 6/10

I must note, this blog is not intentionally insulting the Mersh or anyone/anything. If I have offended anyone, I apologise. I really do like the Mersh for a pub meal. They do great rissols and fish ;)

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Royal Oak - Launceston TAS

It was a Sunday, and I was feeling extremely lazy. So off to the oak I went. I ordered the parma with no salad and a jug of gravy. Which should be evident otherwise I wouldn't be writing this blog. I quite like going to the oak for dinner, the atmosphere is nice and very relaxed.

The parmy was $20 and well worth it. Very nice size, good amount of chips and a nice big gravy boat. Now, down to the nitty gritty. It came out on top of the chips which = ANNOYING. It means I have to get my fingers dirty moving all the chips to the side so I can put the parma on the plate. Anyway, the edges were quite crunchy and brown but I didn't really mind because the rest of it was delicious. There was a layer of ham but unlike other pubs it didn't make the eating experience any more difficult. The sauce was even and had real tomato and onion chunks. I'm not a huge fan of onion but I appreciate the effort. There was a lot of cheese which is an issue because I don't like too much otherwise it gets too oily. The meat was well cooked right through to the middle, WINNER!

This meal was so big that I almost didn't finish it. I was sipping on a pint of Classic Blonde throughout the evening and didn't get to finish it because I was sure I was about to explode. The company I had was Laura again which was lovely as usual. Safe to say I was very satisfied after a long day consisting of housework then working backstage at Allo Allo.

I might also add that Encore Theatre Company's production of Allo Allo is amazing and very very funny. Even if you haven't seen the TV show I'm sure you would get a laugh. Its on until this Saturday the 19th of November 2011 at the Earl Arts Theatre in Launceston. Tickets are for sale from the Princess Theatre or on the door if there are any left. Do not miss this opportunity to support the locals. It may well be your last chance to see Launceston's Matthew Garwood on stage here in town too as he's off to the big smoke to become a pro!

Parma rating: 7/10
Allo Allo rating: 10/10!!

Country Club Casino - Launceston TAS

I have a couple of parmy updates to do today. Apologies for the delay!

So this one is about the $10 parma and chips at the Country Club Casino in the water garden. Some of my readers would know that I am part of a friendly punters club where we take it in turns betting with $30. This is how it all began. It was my turn to bet so I decided to hit the roulette tables Friday after work and boxing. So Laura and I went up to the Casino and decided to have some dinner. And of course I ordered the parma. With chips. And gravy to dip my chips in.

First of all, good price! I doubt you would find a parma and chips that cheap ANYWHERE else. Secondly, fast service. These guys don't muck around wasting peoples time waiting for meals when they could be gambling away their life savings.

And now for the downfalls. My parma came out ON TOP of my chips. I know this is standard anywhere you go but it annoys me every time. There was a layer of ham, which isn't always bad but in this case it made it difficult to cut and eat. The entire thing was slightly soggy which made me feel like my parma was ready for me before I even walked in the door. The edges were crispy and burnt. The cheese was falling off the side and almost half of the parma didn't have any, better aim is required when applying cheese people!

Not all was lost, there was a good amount of sauce and had it have been fresh, there would have been no sogginess. The chips were yummy and I had a good amount of gravy to dip them in. The company was brilliant as always and I was able to head on up to rapid roulette in no time. I was successful that night and walked away with $75 for the punters club allowing me to bet again the next week. Lets not talk about how that went.

Rating: 6/10 (It was still edible)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

My first blog - The History

Now as the heading states, this is my very first blog. For a long time I have been saying that I am going to review parma's from all over Tasmania. I have decided that this Parma review does not have to be refined by Tasmania's boarders, but being that I live here most of my reviews will relate to places from this beautiful state. Launceston in particular. I have eaten a lot of Parma's in my time (judging them in my mind rather than online), but seeing as I'm only just starting my blog, I will give everyone a blank slate.

A little bit about me: I live in the city of Launceston which is in the state of Tasmania in Australia. I have always lived here and have no intention of moving. I am a 22 year old female and a self confessed Parma lover. I work in a school as an IT Technician and I love my job. I'm a quick typer and fairly literate but I sometimes have trouble with grammar and spelling. I make no apoligies if I make any mistakes as the point of my PERSONAL blog is to be real and down to earth.

I'm currently in Hobart at my Aunty's house for the weekend with my most favourite person ever, Laura. My next blog will be coming up very shortly. So if you want, stay tuned!

Shipwrights Arms - Battery Point TAS

My first review! Tonight I will be reviewing the Parma at Shipwrights Arms in Hobart. This is the second time I've had the Parma here and the first time was great so I had very high expectations.

After a long and exciting day browsing the artwork at MONA it was time for dinner. Myself and the company I was with decided to head to "Shippies". When we arrived we were shown to our seats which were in a lovely, private corner with our very own heater! We ordered two cob loaves with garlic butter and our mains. The cob loaves took quite a while to come out but they were worth the wait. Very cute but most importantly very fresh and tasty. On to the main!

As a rule if I get chips with my Parma I always get a gravy boat to dip them in. I usually ask for no salad too but at Shippies the Parma doesn't come with salad so I saved a breath with that one. Very rarely do I get vegetables with it but if I'm feeling healthy I might. As soon as I saw my dinner I was pleased. There was my Parma on the SIDE of the plate! I hate Parma being delivered on top of my chips. It's too difficult to eat. Just buy bigger plates already!!!

Some Parma comes with a layer of ham, Shippies doesn't. In my opinion ham adds flavour but makes it slightly more difficult to eat. This Parma had a very nice layer of tomato sauce, not too much, not too little and it went to the very edge. It was topped with a great layer of cheese, again not too much and not too little and right to the edge. Parma can be quickly ruined with too much or too little of these toppings. Too much sauce and the chicken will become soggy. Too much cheese and it's almost sickening to even look at let alone eat. Not enough of either can leave you feeling like you should have just ordered the schnitzel and saved yourself $2-4

Next, the chicken. It was a very generous size and cooked even all the way through. It wasnt dry and certainly not under cooked. The crumb was perfect and golden. The base was crispy and not at all soggy which can instantly ruin your meal. This Parma may well be the best I have ever had. I can not fault it one bit.

The chips on the side were chunky and cooked well. There was a decent amount too. Sometimes I can be overwhelmed by too many chips but not today! I got my jug of gravy without having to ask for it a second time which is rare. Overall it was a great dinner and very well priced. If you're ever in Hobart and not sure where to go for tea, give them a go. They're also in the entertainment book so remember your vouchers!

Rating: 9/10 (only because the cob loaf took a while :P )