Monday, 14 November 2011

Country Club Casino - Launceston TAS

I have a couple of parmy updates to do today. Apologies for the delay!

So this one is about the $10 parma and chips at the Country Club Casino in the water garden. Some of my readers would know that I am part of a friendly punters club where we take it in turns betting with $30. This is how it all began. It was my turn to bet so I decided to hit the roulette tables Friday after work and boxing. So Laura and I went up to the Casino and decided to have some dinner. And of course I ordered the parma. With chips. And gravy to dip my chips in.

First of all, good price! I doubt you would find a parma and chips that cheap ANYWHERE else. Secondly, fast service. These guys don't muck around wasting peoples time waiting for meals when they could be gambling away their life savings.

And now for the downfalls. My parma came out ON TOP of my chips. I know this is standard anywhere you go but it annoys me every time. There was a layer of ham, which isn't always bad but in this case it made it difficult to cut and eat. The entire thing was slightly soggy which made me feel like my parma was ready for me before I even walked in the door. The edges were crispy and burnt. The cheese was falling off the side and almost half of the parma didn't have any, better aim is required when applying cheese people!

Not all was lost, there was a good amount of sauce and had it have been fresh, there would have been no sogginess. The chips were yummy and I had a good amount of gravy to dip them in. The company was brilliant as always and I was able to head on up to rapid roulette in no time. I was successful that night and walked away with $75 for the punters club allowing me to bet again the next week. Lets not talk about how that went.

Rating: 6/10 (It was still edible)

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