Tuesday, 12 June 2012

O'Keefe's Hotel – Launceston TAS

When: Thursday 7th June 2012

Where: 124 George Street, Launceston

Price: $16 Thursday parmy and pot special ($19 normal price, not including pot)

This blog won’t be as long as previous ones because the main reason for having a parma at O’Keefe’s was to do another review. I was telling my friend Ebony about my parma review blog and we decided I needed to get moving and get around the pubs of Launceston. I thought O’Keefe’s would be a good place to go because of their Thursday parmy and pot special for $16. So Laura, Samara, Ebony and I went down there with a few other people, and this is how it went…

First impressions were good. We were quick to be shown to our table and offered a drink. The chairs were pretty uncomfortable and you can’t cross your legs. I was sitting on the end of the table and found that the leg of it was very annoying. Something else I found strange was that throughout the night I think we had 3 different waitresses? I thought that normally it was one waitress per table. 

Anyway, ordered the parmy, chips only with a boat of gravy. The service was fairly quick, although Ebony had to go and get the pots, they weren’t brought to us. They may have been if we had of waited a bit longer. The meals came out looking and smelling delicious. But as usual, the parmy was on top of the chips. No biggie, I’m learning to deal with it. Nice fat chips, and yummy instant gravy. Its lucky I’m a fan of the instant otherwise I’d be complaining about a lot of places.

The chicken was a good size, average thickness, evenly cooked and had a good portion of toppings. From what I could tell the schnitzel was made fresh. I can’t stand defrosted schnitzel. The edges weren’t burnt and the cheese was a great amount of golden, melty goodness. This parmy had a layer of ham, then the sauce and then the cheese. I haven’t figured out my perfect layering of toppings. Which should come first, the ham or sauce? Both have their pros and cons. In this case, the ham wasn’t clinging to the chicken very well and I found that my topping was sliding around all over the place. Other than that, it tasted delicious. I was completely full when I finished and could barely finish my beer.

It was a pretty great experience, great night out with friends and I would happily recommend the parmy and pot special to anyone.

Parma rating: 7/10
Price rating: 10/10
Pub rating: 9/10

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